Custom Made ~ Special Order ~ Biblical Coin Jewelry
B251 Widows Mite Bracelet
C30 Azes II Cuff Links
C28 Herod Agrippa Cuff Links
C9 Masada Cuff Links
C126 Masada Cuff Links
C213 Procurator Cuff Links
C204 Widows Mite Cuff Links
C205 Widows Mite Cuff Links
All jewelry can be custom made in either gold or silver.
Click any photo to send an email to requesting price and delivery.
C213 Widows Mite Cuff Links
E208 Procurator Ear Rings
E211 Procurator Ear Rings
P141 Alexander the Great Pendant
P262 Azes II
P53 Bar Kochba 2nd Revolt Pendant
P158 Bar Kochba 2nd Revolt Pendant
P53 Demetrius II Pendant
P81 Herod Agrippa Pendant
P123 Herod Agrippa Pendant
P137 1st Revolt "Masada" Pendant
P227 1st Revolt Masada Pendant
P148 1st Revolt Masada Pendant
P197 1st Revolt Masada Pendant
P145 Pontius Pilate Pendant
R24 Herod Agrippa Ring
R255 Herod Agrippa Ring
R191 Jerusalem Lily Ring
R76 1st Revolt "Masada" Ring
R319 1st Revolt "Masada" Ring
R263 Roman Denarius Ring
R151 Widow's Mite Ring
R202 Widow's Mite Ring