SP100 Silver Wire Pendant
Premium Silver Widow's
Mite Pendant

Pendant Only ..... $295

16" Chain ............+ $10
18" Chain ............+ $12
20" Chain ............+ $14

Olive Wood Box + $18

Pendant comes with a premium quality widow's mite coin. All coins are unique and will vary in looks from the one in the picture. This pendant has two front sides and no back side, so it can be worn either way. Thus either the anchor or star image can be worn as facing the front of the pendant.

Coin Grade: A (Features are almost perfectly centered on front and very clearly defined and raised). Reverse side also has nice image. This wire pendant holds the coin with prongs, allowing most of the coin edges to be visible. This pendant, with its large bale, can fit almost any chain. Pendant made with Sterling Silver 925 and measures 18mm. Chain & Box extra.