This coin comes with both ancient beauty and a timeless message.

The timeless beauty of this ancient coin lies in its powerful Christian message. The mite
symbolizes your simple, true faith in God as the ultimate Provider for all of your needs.

The Widow's Mite represents the finest in hand-crafted, distinctive religious Christian
jewelry. Every beautiful piece is a rare, matchless original. The perfect gift of jewelry for
birthdays, holidays and milestones -- any occasion is an opportunity to nurture your
devotion to God together.

These coins are true antiquities: scarce and valuable. Every artifact is a solid financial
and spiritual investment for you and your loved ones.

Each unique, elegant pendant holds a prized mite minted over 2,000 years ago in the Holy Land. This Judean coin from the time of Jesus links each owner to the historical period of the Bible. The mite conveys the eternal lesson of Christian faith in God -- a lesson rendered all the more compelling when the actual symbol can now be held, pondered and treasured by your family.

Give them the exceptional experience of owning Widow's Mite Christian Jewelry.

A Meaningful Symbol of our Devotion to God