#D1 "Beauty in an Ugly Coin"
No Image Lepton Widow's Mites

Sets of 10: $65.00 per set
Individually: $9.00 ea

Each coin comes in a coin flip with a description of the coin. A certificate of authenticity is printed on the reverse side of the coin flip.

Each coin also comes with a coin envelope.

So why are these coins called "Beauty in an Ugly Coin"? Glad you asked, thank you.

These coins were minted over 2,000 years ago and has basically very faint or no image on either side of the coin. The majority of these coins were crudely made in a poor quality condition, unlike many of the larger nicer coins of that time. This ugliness enhances the symbolism of the story of the poor widow who gave not only two coins, but two of the lowest quality, lowest value coins in circulation, which was all that she had.

The coin flip explains the "Beauty in an Ugly Coin" description, which makes for a meaningful gift. Sold in lots of 10. Coin flips and envelopes are included with the purchase. The reverse side of the coin flip has a certificate of authenticity. Makes very nice gifts.